Multi Caliber Adaptor Set for DAA Mini XL 650 / XL 750 Case Feeder - DAA


The DAA Adaptor Set for Multi-Cal Mini XL750 / XL650 Case Feeder is a set of two plastic parts, made of fiber reinforced Nylon, which easily assemble onto your Dillon XL750 / XL650 press and allow you to use the DAA Mini case feeder tube rather than a fully blown Dillon automatic case feeder.

This adaptor set consists of two parts:

The Support-Ring part: This part has a stem with a hole, that screws down onto the top of the Dillon Camming Pin (as shown in picture), once screwed on to the correct angle, the Dillon Casefeed adaptor (of and color) can fit through it into place, and be supported by it. Thread it onto the Dillon Camming pin as far as it can go, and then back it out until it’s positioned correctly to support the Casefeed Adaptor part.

The Adaptor-Cap part: This part fits onto the top of your caliber specific Casefeed Adaptor, and provides the attachment point onto which you can fit the DAA Tube Assembly, preloaded with your brass.

This updated configuration uses the original Dillon Casefeed Adaptor piece, making it more multi caliber and universal. Note that some light fitting may be required as some of the Dillon Casefeed adaptor have a slightly larger outer diameter. Ideally, you would like the Casefeed Adaptor to be able to slide in and out of the Support-Ring part, without much friction, but without wiggle room.

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