Hybrid Holster - Ghost

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Our new holster, the Hybrid, is the latest development for the sports field.It is ideally suited for Single Stack, Production and Standard sport shooting.It guarantees fast and safe drawing.The Hybrid belt attachment is perfect for sport shooting thanks to the low position and far from the body. The new holster is suitable for any kind of shooters. Our mounting system for the Hybrid has a fixed position for an very tight fit on the belt. We use a premium unbreakable Techno Polymer that can be thermoformed to fit your pistol design, and allows you to customize the retention of your draw. Colore Nero.

Type of gunhandpricein stockinsert qt.buy
Beretta PX4right37,70 € available
Beretta PX4left37,70 € available
1911 and Clonesright37,70 € available
HS2000/XDright37,70 € available
HS2000/XDleft37,70 € available
sti-svi-standardleft37,70 € available
SPSright37,70 € available
SPSleft37,70 € available
Beretta APXleft37,70 € available
glock-small-frame-gen4-gen5left37,70 € available
glock-34-35left37,70 € available
beretta-92-92-a1-96-98-taurus-24-7right37,70 € available
beretta-92-92-a1-96-98-taurus-24-7left37,70 € available
canikright37,70 € available
canikleft37,70 € available
swmp9-40right37,70 € available
swmp9-40left37,70 € available
tanfoglio-limited-limited-custom-stock2right37,70 € available
tanfoglio-limited-limited-custom-stock2left37,70 € available
arsenal-strike-oneleft37,70 € available
sig-x5-x6right37,70 € available
sig-x5-x6left37,70 € available
k100-mk12right37,70 € available
k100-mk12left37,70 € available
bul-sas-2right37,70 € available
sig-p320right37,70 € available
sig-p320left37,70 € available
walther-ppqleft37,70 € available
hksfp9right37,70 € available
hksfp9left37,70 € available
beretta-px4-compactright37,70 € available
beretta-px4-compactleft37,70 € available
styer-m9-a1-l9right37,70 € available
caracal-c-fleft37,70 € available
rex-zero-1right37,70 € available
rex-zero-1left37,70 € available
tanfoglio-force-police-ft9-pro-plusright37,70 € available
tanfoglio-force-police-ft9-pro-plusleft37,70 € available
walther-p99right37,70 € available
walther-p99left37,70 € available
beretta-px4-subcompactright37,70 € available
beretta-px4-subcompactleft37,70 € available
cz-75-sp-01-shadow-2-stock-1-stock-3right37,70 € available
cz-75-sp-01-shadow-2-stock-1-stock-3left37,70 € available
1911 and Clonesleft37,70 € not available buy
sti-svi-standardright37,70 € not available buy
Beretta APXright37,70 € not available buy
glock-small-frame-gen4-gen5right37,70 € not available buy
glock-34-35right37,70 € not available buy
arsenal-strike-oneright37,70 € not available buy
tanfoglio-combat-steel-combat-steel-matchright37,70 € not available buy
tanfoglio-combat-steel-combat-steel-matchleft37,70 € not available buy
bul-sas-2left37,70 € not available buy
walther-ppqright37,70 € not available buy
rhino-3right37,70 € not available buy
rhino-3left37,70 € not available buy
rhino-4right37,70 € not available buy
rhino-4left37,70 € not available buy
rhino-5right37,70 € not available buy
rhino-5left37,70 € not available buy
rhino-6right37,70 € not available buy
rhino-6left37,70 € not available buy
styer-m9-a1-l9left37,70 € not available buy
caracal-c-fright37,70 € not available buy
rhino-2right37,70 € not available buy
rhino-2left37,70 € not available buy
beretta-92xright37,70 € not available buy
beretta-92xleft37,70 € not available buy

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