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Kinematic Lube 6845 Friction Free with NytroFlon, 100ml - Target Custom Parts



6845-XLP is added 31% NytroFlon™, and it is a lubricant designed for weapons used mainly in "hostile climate environments" therefore it allows a constant lubrication despite the presence of extreme climatic- environmental conditions such as rain, snow, mud, sea sand, desert sand, brackish water, ice crystals.

The PERPETUAL AUTOCLEANING FUNCTION feature ensures that 6845-XLP can lubricate and at the same time "clean up" the kinematics that should work during the above mentioned conditions, constantly isolating the treated surfaces from impurities that come into direct contact with the components of the weapon or that can be created after long shooting sessions between one maintenance and another. Because of this particular feature 6845-XLP can be used even if the weapon has not been cleaned beforehand, whereas this mode of application is to be understood as an emergency intervention caused by the impossibility of carrying out maintenance according to the correct system;

1)disassembly weapon > 2) preventive cleaning > 3) lubrication of kinematics

and despite this, with 6845-XLP the proper functioning of the weapons is guaranteed!

Active action FRICTION FREE: PAF system powered by NytroFlon™!

-6845-XLP is indispensable for all weapons, even manual cycle, used in the presence of polar cold, brackish air, desert climate, or used in long shooting sessions, as it will make the mechanisms immediately and constantly fluid. Even after long periods of weapon inactivity, even if exposed to freezing temperatures or brackish climate.

-6845-XLP is essential to ensure the smoothness of the kinematics despite these are in direct contact with impurities / slag / dust / sand brought by the wind, as they will be permanently isolated from these.

-6845-XLP is capable of anti-friction action within the operating extreme temperature range: -40°C><240°C

-6845-XLP in summary is indispensable in order to eliminate the possibility of mechanical blocking due to friction is it induced from slags as from thermo-mechanical stress!

-Protection in any climatic environment as 6845-XLP makes the formation of rust and corrosion on treated surfaces literally impossible, protecting them constantly despite humid environments and/or marine climates.

For all its features 6845-XLP is in fact definable FRICTION-FREE in an absolute sense! And this is why it becomes indispensable on the kinematics of weapons built with mechanical tolerances reduced to a minimum.

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