New Guntec Gun Oil 100 ml - Liqui Moly

Guntec Gun Oil 100 ml - Liqui Moly


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Gun-Tec special oil with high adhesion, medium viscous for the preservation and lubrication of weapons and metal components. It optimally protects against corrosion and, thanks to its excellent lubricating properties, prevents wear of moving components and all lubrication points. Thanks to its penetration characteristics and high protection against resinification, it is also ideal for the lubrication of precision mechanics components. Gun oil with multiple uses, good compatibility with plastic and the possibility of application on wood


  • Long-lasting corrosion protection
  • Exceptional long-term lubricating action
  • Excellent lubricating film stability
  • It makes the surfaces hydrophobic and therefore highly water repellent
  • It dissolves in an optimal way the residues of dust and smoke
  • Compatible with most commercially available plastics
  • Neutral on the burnished parts
  • High adhesion but easy removal
  • Extremely easy processing
  • Wide range of applications
  • It does not resinify and does not glue
  • It does not contain acids


Clean the parts thoroughly before applying the oil. All oil residues can be conveniently removed with LIQUI MOLY's Quick Cleaner (Art. No. 3318). After drying, apply a thin layer of oil on the lubrication points and remove the excess. Before firing, remove the oil from the barrel and the loading chamber.


  • Naphthen base oil
  • Viscosity at 40 ° C 70 mm² / s
  • Viscosity at 20 ° C 220 mm² / s
  • Density at 20 ° C 0.914 g / ml
  • Color / aspect klar / braun
  • Corrosion resistance salt spray test 300 h FTM 4001.2 Sectors

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