New Gun Grease Guntec 20 ML - Liqui Moly

Gun Grease Guntec 20 ML - Liqui Moly


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For the lubrication of weapons, weapon parts and precision mechanics components of all types. Also for the lubrication of components in the low temperature range and components subject to a large operating temperature range.
Special synthetic high adhesion grease with solid ceramic lubricants. Thanks to its excellent lubricating action it guarantees the safe operation of all types of weapons. The solid lubricants contained guarantee even in critical lubrication situations minimum friction values ​​and the best anti-wear protection. It offers the necessary corrosion protection for all metal components even under extreme conditions of use.


  •     Excellent wear resistance
  •     Outstanding corrosion protection
  •     Extremely low friction
  •     Waterproof
  •     High strength adhesion
  •     Wide range of operating temperatures
  •     Long-term stability
  •     It does not contain resins or acids


Thoroughly clean the parts before greasing. Remove old grease and residue and apply grease.


  •     Odorless
  •     Solid appearance
  •     White color
  •     Insoluble in water

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