Reduced price! Case Washing Machine LEM PLUS - Shooting Technology

Case Washing Machine LEM PLUS - Shooting Technology


Version with motor with fixed rotation speed (1,400 rpm), maximum load of cases 1.8 Kg.
No need to rest the machine after each washing cycle (version widely used by dynamic shooters, possibility to wash thousands of cases in a short time).

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The L.E.M.® electromagnetic needle washer is designed to wash and clean used firearm cases with extreme accuracy and speed to prepare them for the next reloading phase.

The superiority at the level of any other cases cleaner (vibroburators, rotary tumblers or ultrasounds), the originality and the unique technical characteristics of this type of product, have allowed the obtaining of the intellectual patent.


The cases are prepared in advance for washing without priming capsule, then poured into the tank together with ferromagnetic stainless steel needles and water with dishwashing detergent, or commonly used detergents with a soapy base.
Once the engine is started, the needles are dragged into the liquid and exert a very effective mechanical cleaning action on the cases
The particular "shovel" arrangement of the neodymium magnets and the decentralization between the center of rotation of the latter with respect to the tank position (among other things, also variable by hand), generates a "shaking" of the cases which facilitates their cleaning. Not only that, the arrangement of the magnets has been designed so that you can use more types of tubs of various shapes and sizes, up to the classic bucket ......... (obviously without leaving the area delimited by the container support plate) The originality of these characteristics, unique of its kind in this type of product, have made it possible to apply for a patent.
After washing and drying, they are immediately ready for charging.

The L.E.M. is supplied with the following components listed below:

  •     N.1 Complete washing machine in powder-coated steel structure (Green Color)
  •     N.1 Cylindrical plastic tank.
  •     N.1 Airtight lid for said.
  •     N.1 Bag of microneedles
  •     N.1 Power cable with light switch and built-in fuse.
  •     N.1 Instructions for use (pdf document downloadable from the internet) and    general warnings.

N.B. The microneedle recuperator is an optional accessory to the standard equipment of the washing machine

Engine revolutions1400 rpm
ShutdownBy hand
FunctionsNo adjustment


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