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LPA/Fusion adjustable folding tactical rail rifle sight kit. Comes with both T-MAS7 and MAS7 sights. These are top of the line military grade steel sights, no plastic components, the T-MAS7 Sight series is manufactured from all steel and some aluminum alloy parts. These are fully adjustable/foldable, easy to interchange between different sight inserts and allow for precision adjustments through micrometer adjustment knobs. The T-MAS7 is available in red fiber optic or fully black and can be easily changed without any special equipment. Both MAS7 and T-MAS7, once closed and off, have no sharp edges that can cause the entanglement or snagging of the gun. The set consists of this folding rear sight that incorporates a solid and fast opening and closing mechanism, engineered to ensure a compact and snag resistant design. Also incorporated into the rear sight assembly, the MAS7 provides 4 ghost rings of different diameters that can be selected instantly by washer with a selector switch, allowing always to have the best precision in relation to the distance of the target selected. In addition, the MAS7 rear sight allows a click micrometer windage adjustment by a special device of ambidextrous knobs.

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