Ghost III Holster + Standard Module

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Our holster (Patented), called GHOST III, has been expressly projected and realized for Military Police. Particular attention has been given to the safety systems and to the choice of first quality materials to warrant a long-lasting product and the highest reliability with the utmost comfort. Modularity (Patented) The fixing of the holster group to different modules allows the operator to have always the same pistol's hold and the same safety systems with very limited costs. The fixing system of the body holster to different modules is also very practical and sure. Weapon extraction from the Ghost III Holster is instinctive and extremely quickdue to a natural movement of the hand. No special training is required and the shootng hand has automatically the correct position on the gun. Test results show a 50% increase in speed when compared with the more traditional holsters. Equipped with Standard Module. Black.

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GI03-SET1Beretta PX4right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1Beretta PX4left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1cz-sp-01right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1cz-sp-01left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1Caracal F-Cright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1Caracal F-Cleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1HS2000/XDright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1HS2000/XDleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1Beretta APXright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1Beretta APXleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1glock-small-frame-gen4-gen5right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1glock-small-frame-gen4-gen5left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1beretta-92-92-a1-96-98-taurus-24-7right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1beretta-92-92-a1-96-98-taurus-24-7left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1canikright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1canikleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1swmp9-40right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1swmp9-40left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1k100-mk7right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1k100-mk7left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1arsenal-strike-oneright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1arsenal-strike-oneleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1k100-mk12right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1k100-mk12left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1sig226-cz-99-zastavaright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1sig226-cz-99-zastavaleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1sig-p320right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1sig-p320left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1walther-ppqright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1walther-ppqleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1hksfp9right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1hksfp9left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1beretta-px4-compactright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1beretta-px4-compactleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1styer-m9-a1-l9right62,46 € not available add to cart
GI03-SET1styer-m9-a1-l9left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1caracal-c-fright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1caracal-c-fleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1rex-zero-1right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1rex-zero-1left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1tanfoglio-force-police-ft9-pro-plusright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1tanfoglio-force-police-ft9-pro-plusleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1walther-p99right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1walther-p99left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1beretta-px4-subcompactright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1beretta-px4-subcompactleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1hkusp-expertright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1hkusp-expertleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1hkusp-compactright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1hkusp-compactleft62,46 € available
GI03-SET1hkp2000-p30right62,46 € available
GI03-SET1hkp2000-p30left62,46 € available
GI03-SET1vikingright62,46 € available
GI03-SET1vikingleft62,46 € available

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