Grips Diamond Backs CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow/ Shadow 2 - VZ

Screws not included.

99,80 €

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We always have requests for an aggressive grip for the tactical members and weekend match goers. Something with a little bite. This is what we came up with, a big old nasty 5 dpi (diamond per inch) grip, made in G10. The Diamond Backs are by far the most aggressive grips we produce. We wouldn't recommend them for all day carry, but some do and swear by them.

VZ-DBBlack99,80 € available
VZ-DBdesert-sand99,80 € available
VZ-DBZebra99,80 € available
VZ-DBarmy-green99,80 € available
VZ-DBblack-blue99,80 € available
-tiger-stripes98,00 € available

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